About the Owner -- Chelsey's Story

My piano teacher used to tap my back with a fork when I slouched.

Yep. That was me. While I didn't hate lessons I also didn't like practicing. My teacher was gracious to

give me lessons and she was an amazing pianist herself but (by fault of my own, probably) she was less

than inspiring.

So....I quit.

Now, you're probably surprised that I quit lessons because I am the advocate for continuing lessons

consistently. Honestly, I am too....a little bit, anyway.

Here's the thing-as soon as I quit I had freedom to play whatever I wanted! I thrived. I grew. And by age

15, I accompanied church and begun mastering the organ.

So, would I have been better if I would've stuck with lessons. Probably. I think about that a lot. But I also

think I would have HATED it and maybe not been a musician today.

The moral? I've built this studio with this cautionary tale in mind. I'm so thankful that my parents sought out lessons for me but it may come as no surprise to some of you that I'm a bit difficult:). Here at Arias our goal isn't to just push through lesson books and pound theory and technique into our students' heads. No, our goal is to create and future life-long musicians. Musicians who love and appreciate many facets of music. Musicians who will be musicians for the rest of their lives.


What We Offer

​*44 lessons per year- 30 minutes - private instruction

*Well-trained, kind, talented teacher who's first goal

is to build a quality relationship with your child

*A safe space to grow in music

*All books and music for instruction

*At least 5 performance opportunities annually

*Collaboration between teachers to help your child grow in music

*Master class opportunities

Private Studio Membership ($135/month)​

*30 minute private lessons with any studio teacher 

*Performance opportunities 

*Master Classes 

*All lesson books and music

*NEW online sight reading curriculum

Who We Are

​We know what it feels like to find the best activities for your child.  We know what is feels like to trust other people to teach our kids.  We work hard at Arias to get to know our students and their families so that when they struggle and work hard in our classrooms, they feel safe and supported.  That's when we get the best outcomes--when our students feel comfortable and grow in their efforts -- making mistakes and improving every lesson.  

Why We Can Help

​With 20 years of experience teaching and 6 years training teachers and running a commercial studio, owner Chelsey has directly or indirectly taught hundreds of students and shared her love of music with all of them.  She holds a bachelors in Music Education and regularly performs to hone her skills.  

​Our teachers all perform regularly and even take lessons themselves.  They are all amazing human beings who care deeply about children and growth in music.  We are constantly training and discussing how to help each of our students in their uniqueness.  The benefits of that collaboration are immeasurable and unique.


​​​A music studio serving north metro Denver committed to offering engaging private lessons to students who love music.


First Lesson

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You're here because your child loves music.  But why haven't you enrolled yet?  We know. You've been thinking about adding music to your family for a while but haven't yet.  

It's okay--we're here for you!

Don't wait another day and miss the opportunity for your child.  Don't miss the chance to give them what they need --engaging lessons that build the right foundation of music, that fit well in your schedule, that gives your child a place to belong.

Preschool Group Class


*30 minute group lessons with our preschool specialist  

*Performance opportunities 

*All lesson books and music

*Fun, engaging lessons that provide a great foundation for future musicians!