Early introduction to music is essential and very beneficial for brain development in young children.  Kimberly has created a preschool class that will build on the following:

-Pre-alphabet skill and pre-reading exercises

-Music theory

-Early language and music literacy

-Coordination and self control

-Social skills including independence and emotional development

-Pre piano experience and skills (emphasized more in 5:15 class)

Preschool Music Classes:  Created for children ages 2.5-4.5-Wednesdays at 10am

PrePiano: A graduated form of our preschool music class with more emphasis on piano theory.  Created for children ages 4.5-7-Wednesdays at 11am.

Our summer session runs from June 21-August 16th  with a performance at our outdoor recital in July/August.  Register anytime by clicking below. 

Preschool/PrePiano Music Classes