Membership Options

Private Studio Membership ($135/month)​
*30 minute private lessons with any studio teacher  
*Performance opportunities 
*Master Classes 
*All lesson books and music
*NEW online sight reading curriculum​

Preschool Classes ($85/month)​
*30 minute group lessons with any studio teacher  
*Performance opportunities 
*Fun curriculum with games and stories
*All lesson books and music
*Create the love of music early with a strong foundation!​​

All students will pay a yearly book fee of $50 upon registration and the following September or December annually depending on when they registered.  This includes all lesson books and performance opportunities for the year.  Additional books and music as well as competitions charged separately.  

Families should expect a  yearly membership increase.

What You Can Expect From Us

We promise to treat all students and families with care and respect.

We will always give you our best when it comes to instruction.

We will always return your call or email in a timely and professional manner.

We will always treat your children as our own.

We will always be on time.

We will always listen when you have a concern, and try our best to solve the problem.

We will always own up to our mistakes.  (On the rare occasion that we are human…)

We will always be there for any student for any reason.

Additionally, the studio will offer music camps and group lessons throughout the year (at an additional cost).  Before recitals we will hold performance practices and last minute ‘recital boot camps’.  We are excited to offer additional performance opportunities at local venues as well as musical field trips to enhance students’ musical experience.  

Expectation of Students and Guardians

Be on time to all scheduled lessons, classes, practices, camps, and performances. Bring all materials to every lesson.

Do your best to schedule appointments, keeping in mind your child’s classes, practices, and performances.

Let us know if you see a way we can improve our services. We want to be our best! If we see a way to make it happen, it will.

Books and Fees

In addition to tuition, families will be responsible for other fees associated with music lessons.  Below is an estimate of what a student can expect in a calendar year.  All fees are per student, not per family.  

Books/Music: $0 (included in registration fee)

Recital Fees:  $0/studio recital (2 studio recitals and 3 studio performances)

                       $35-$70/outside recital (optional for more advanced students)

Group Lessons:  $15-$20 (optional)

Music Camps: $50/day (optional) 

Liability Waver

If a member of your family damages our property or equipment, out of respect for the studio please offer to make it right.  

There is very little risk involved with private lessons; however we know that people have accidents and bad things can happen. Please understand that we work hard to plan all of our events so that everyone is as safe as possible. In the event something bad happens, We will be there to provide support to the best of our ability.

Cancellations and Studio Closures

We operate on a semester schedule as follows:
Fall Trimester: Mid August through the week before Christmas (18 lessons)
Spring Trimester: Second week in January through mid June (22 lessons)
Summer Trimester: Four lessons in July (optional)

Studio Closures are already considered within tuition costs.  No makeups or refunds for these days.
Labor Sunday and Monday
Wednesday-Saturday of Thanksgiving week
Full week for Spring Break (TBD)
Full week for Memorial Day
Families are responsible for keeping track of the schedule via the studio website.  

Teachers may need to reschedule lessons.  These will be notified to you by Nicole.  Your flexibility is appreciated.

If you need to cancel/reschedule a lesson you must let Nicole know no less than 48 hours in advance and we will reschedule.  No shows/no calls will not be made up.  

No credits will be refunded for missed lessons.

Leaving the Studio

We will be sorry if you decide to leave the studio.  Two weeks’ notice is required.  Prepaid tuition is not refundable.

Electronic Communication Policy

If there is a studio closure due to snow or any other reason we will post on Facebook and send an email and text blast.  

The studio will communicate primarily through email.  We may call or text for more immediate issues such as teacher cancellations.

We use social media often for announcements and updates.  Teachers will not ‘friend’ or ‘follow’ students.  Any information needed can be found on the studio’s pages.

Child Protection Policy

In order to create a safe learning environment for all children, we are committed to putting these measures in place:

During a private music lesson with a student under the age of 18 years, the instructor is required to teach in a room with a window or opened door.

Our owners are required to periodically (and without notice) check in on any private music lesson being taught to a person under the age of 18. This may be done by looking into the window, or checking an open door, being sure not to disturb the lesson and sacrifice the quality of instruction.

Parents are always welcome to stay in the waiting area within earshot of a private lesson. If they find it necessary, a parent is welcome to check the window or open door at any time without disturbing the lesson.

Students waiting for lessons or siblings may not be left unattended in the studio at anytime.

In situations where a group class (two or more students) is being taught, there will always be at least one adult in charge. Typically, there will be at least two adults due to the nature of the classes that we teach.

Studio Policy