Our mission is simple.  To provide quality lessons to students of all ages with the focus of creating life-long lovers of music.  We believe that music should not be a chore but that we are the beginning of our students' love of music.  

We love the studio family we've built here at Arias and Arpeggios!  Read below some of the kind words left by them.

"Mrs. Chelsey is the best. She is SO supportive of me. I love being able to connect with my teacher because it makes lessons that much more meaningful to me. I take voice lessons and I have improved on a lot of techniques as well as expanded my range! I’d definitely recommend lessons here! -M"

"I've been very impressed with the quality of piano lessons here! My kids have progressed in both their technique and their enjoyment of playing the piano. The staff have a very upbeat, positive attitude and great communication with parents. I highly recommend!"

"We have had a great experience here. The teachers are incredibly friendly and patient with younger studends. I high recommend."

"My kiddo's passion for music and self-expression has blossomed greatly with the support of your amazing staff! She has SO much fun exploring and finding her voice, literally and figuratively. She even wants her very own piano for her birthday this year! [😀] She cannot stop talking about music, and I am so thankful she has such a strong cornerstone to build upon. Thank you!"

"Chelsey is an amazing voice coach, patient teacher, and a positive role model. We’ve worked with Chelsey for close to 4 years. My daughter’s confidence has improved tremendously! Chelsey is a great listener and a positive outlet for Ashlyn, which expands far beyond singing. We love Chelsey and grateful we found Arias & Arpeggios!"